Torhamns guest harbour

Harbour Depth
2 - 3.5 m
Nautical charts
SE7,SE74,SE741, INT1328
Boat accessories
Boat lift
Bus stop
Electrical outlets
Fresh water
Mast crane
Recycling station
Suction discharge
Trailer ramp

Cosy, picturesque small fishing port and guest harbour northwest of Torhamn’s cape. In summer there are many events with live music at the local restaurant, Kafé Måsen. Somewhat difficult sailing at night, sector lighthouse. The bridge over Möcklösund has a free height of 18 m. Torhamn’s guest harbour has about 25 guest places and is located on starboard when you have passed the inlet. The harbour is well protected from northern and eastern winds but somewhat more exposed to southern and western winds. The depth is approx. 2 – 3.5 metres. Electricity and water are available next to the jetty, toilets and showers are in the guest harbour building.

There is also an emptying station for toilet waste in the harbour. The harbour basin also has its own wooden jetty for day visitors.

You check in at Kafé Måsen. Opening hours: See website. Outside opening hours – Contact us to check in on tel +46 732 00 03 53. It is not possible to pre-book places. During the high season v.26-32, there is access to bicycles.

Café, restaurant, child-friendly bathing area, local crafts, art and food are nearby. Beautiful coastal environment with nature reserve, bird station and rock carvings. Docking point for archipelago traffic. Bus connection to Jämjö and Karlskrona.

On Torhamnslandet there is Blekinge’s largest rock carving. Hästhallen or Horsahallen as it is also called, can be found in Möckleryd. At the far end of the Torhamns peninsula is what is called Torhamns Udde. This tongue of land extends far out into the sea and here you are met by a moorland landscape with juniper bushes, beach meadows and stone walls, not unlike what we find on southern Öland, and then birds of course. Thousands of birds! Some 40 breeding species are seen here, and during spring and autumn thousands of birds pass by on their migration. The mighty sea eagle is regularly seen out here, and with a little patience and luck you can sometimes see it hunting. At the far end of the headland there is a great tower to watch from. Nearby is also the Torhamn Bird Station, which is run by the Karlskrona Ornithological Club.

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