The Kolbäcksån river flows from Lake Väsman near Ludvika, passing through Smedjebacken in the northern part of the Barken lakes, towards Fagersta, Kolbäck, and Lake Mälaren. In Smedjebacken, there were already many small forges in the 17th century, and in 1631, a larger forge for bergsmän (freeholding miners) was established. The harbour thrived and was used for shipping iron from the area. Today, the harbour area in Smedjebacken is a vibrant and beautiful environment where culture and entertainment meet. Dalarna is known for its traditional Midsummer celebrations, its quintessentially Swedish culture, and magnificent nature experiences.


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Ad - Dockan Marina - The guest harbor in Malmö cityAd - Dockan Marina - The guest harbor in Malmö city